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Chris Chosy

Retirement Consultant

407-284-4911 ext. 105

  Columbus, Ohio

Family info: I have a lovely wife of 11 years, a rambunctious deaf Australian Shepherd named Ludwig, and two cats, Julius and Zara.

Hobbies:  I love to write.

What would you like to do when you retire? Besides living in Sitka, Alaska, I would like to increase my volunteer activity with the deaf community.

What/Who inspires you? When I was hired for my first job, my father told me to “Always see the good in what I do every day.” In the most basic thought of that idea, it shows the importance of having a positive attitude. However, it also relates to what "good" did I do today in my life. Was I able to give some information that gave some clarity to friend or client? Was I an encouragement to my co-workers and my family? What new thing or idea did I learn today? Did I show my thankfulness for this day by my actions and my interactions with others and so on? Although we all have bad days, I have found thinking of the "good" in life and in people and reciprocating it has inspired me to do always try and do my best.

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