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6 Steps to a Successful Summer

The Future of Medicare and Social Security

There is little doubt that Medicare and Social Security are important programs that help older Americans in retirement, particularly now that so many are living beyond previous life expectancy rates. In fact, past models for savings rates may be failing many older Americans, who represent the only demographic seeing significant increases in poverty rates in…

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June 2018 Newsletter

JUNE 2018 SWISH FOR A WISH This month saw our first charity basketball tournament benefiting Make-A-Wish. SO LONG, SUITS & TIES The casually dressed workplace seems like the new normal. CAN MONEY REALLY BRING YOU HAPPINESS? One study says yes… up to a point. PLENTY OF HYPE, BUT LITTLE SUBSTANCE Hyperloop travel is a dream…

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Ways to Avoid Financial Scams

According to a recent survey, about two-thirds of adults age 70 and older fall for online scammers. Here are some tips to remember about some of the latest frauds:1 Medicare does not employ “sales representatives.” Apple and Microsoft do not sell virus protection software for your computer. There is no African prince from Nigeria who…

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